About Us

Majestic Flooring leads the way as one of the most inventive and skilled flooring companies in the world. We are renowned as pioneers in the industry who consistently work to develop and produce ground-breaking new technologies. We are backed by years of experience and technical skill and as a result, products accessible through Majestic Flooring can be found in a vast number DIY and flooring stores across the country. Our selection of wooden wall, floor and ceiling products are sourced by many specialists in the flooring trade.

The up-to-date flooring on offer through Majestic Flooring is made available in a variety of combinations and designs; you will find our products are easy to clean, anti-static and provide you with superior sound insulation.

All facets of our highly creative and skilled team which includes designers, waterproofers and printers work together in an interconnected manner, right from the get-go, to provide you with a range of flooring options, everything from stone decors and classical wood to retro-coloured trendy patterns. All of our high-grade timber is sourced from wooded areas which are designed to be sustainable and keeps the health of our environment in mind.

Majestic Flooring always underlines a philosophy of originality, innovation and the advancement of new ideas and extraordinary customer service; it is for this reason that we are recognised as being trendsetters in the field of laminate flooring. With these ideals at the heart of our business we consistently offer cutting-edge products that are proven to be of maximum quality and in turn, we can forge healthy long-term relationships with each and every individual with which we work.

For more information about the products and services available through Majestic Flooring, contact us without delay. Majestic Flooring is always available to assist you with any information as well as advice which will aid you in your journey to achieve perfection in flooring; we can help you convert your house into a contented and warm home.