Sanding and Sealing

Affordable and quality embedded sanding and sealing. 

Wooden flooring is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and authentic flooring that does not only look physically appealing, but can be maintained for decades. For a well suited maintenance, one needs to invest in an experienced and a professional service provider.

The finest Cape Town based Majestic Flooring and Carpets- is one company that offers reputable and outstanding work using the latest technology for your flooring services. In possession and good use of the latest machinery and equipment, we promise to dust away even the micro finest wood dust particle. Leaving the environment with clean air and taking your health into consideration.

Good machinery and equipment further requires knowledge and experience with regards to the “How To” phenomena. Majestic Flooring is proudly embodied with 5 years of experience within the flooring industry, we thus undoubtedly the A grade company for your Sanding and sealing flooring services. The Cape Town based sanding and sealing/flooring company has extended its footprint and expertise through accessibility and reliability.

Prioritizing on investing in good equipment and experience, the sanding and sealing wing requires a very reliable, strong, creative, and skilled; and moreover a well intertwined team. With five years of experience in the flooring industry, Majestic Flooring does not only stand for quality but great investment in human resources. Consider your sanding and sealing services rendered with high acumen of professionalism and expertise, leaving your wooden floor impressively cut to the edge and flawless.

The flooring company truly assures clients and potential’s a reputable and exceptional service, as we believe in innovation, creativity, and originality- in the pursuit of delivering sanding and sealing services amongst other varieties of our services. Maximizing our quality service and customer satisfaction, sanding and sealing does not come at ease but it leaves our clientele base with outmost impression, hence the well maintained relationships that yields into fruitful business referrals.

Wooden flooring is not easily resistant to being damaged due to possible spills and traffic; this should be least of your worries, one of our greatest strengths is to neatly repair and install parquet and floorboards and leave your space as bright as new. This end result can be achieved by sanding and sealing your original wooden floor, by removing old layers of floor sealer from the top and leaving your floor fine and clean top ready for a new seal.

The method is used so to refurbish and bring about life to your wooden floor, despite the amount of spills and scratches, the lifespan of the floor; simultaneously being so friendly to ones pocket. Sanding and sealing will leave your original floor being good as new and ready to endure the next coming years.

Not only is sanding and sealing methodology cost effective, but it has an added advantage of cleaning at ease by just sweeping and using a damp cloth. Furthermore, the method allows you to play around with colours of choice from the floor’s original colour.

With our outmost performance and evident reputable service delivery, not only do we render the sanding and sealing service to residential environments; our capacity and ability has established enabled us to rendering the service in commercial environments. Quality continues to be our greatest priority, skills are a requirement, your high expectations of refurbishing your flooring will be abundantly met through our most trusted method of sanding and sealing with the right equipment, skilled team and a convenient time frame.